According to the National Association of Realtors, most
decisions to purchase a house are made within the first 60
seconds of seeing the outside of it.   A house with curb
appeal says the owner cares.  If the outside looks well
maintained it is assumed that the rest of the house and its
systems will be in excellent condition. You only get one
chance to make a good first impression. Make sure you
make the most of yours.
Door Mat
An old worn door mat says everything but welcome so spring for a new one.
Front Door
Make sure it is clean, in good condition, and opens and closes with ease. The color should  
be universally accepted and coordinated with the outside of the house.
Replace dated and worn light fixtures. Make sure your landscape lights are in working order
and remove excessive  lights.  Your house should not look like an airport runway.
Trim your landscape, remove / replace all overgrown or poor condition plants and shrubs.   
Plantings should not impede ones ability to walk up to the house.  Your front door should be
clearly visible from the street.
Flowers can be a nice touch. Make sure they are appropriate for your home and coordinate
with the colors of your house.  
Grass is to be green, cut, and weed free. If yours is not, then hire a professional to make it
that way.
A dirty, streaked roof is a curb appeal killer. Call Yellow Duck Roof and Exterior Cleaning for
a free estimate 901 850-7007.  
A clean roof is a must.
Yard Ornaments
Remember, less is more. Remove excessive pots, plants, and  ornaments.
Cleaning window glass is a must.
Paint Siding Trim
These surfaces suffer from the effects of dirt, insects, and mildew.  Make sure yours are
clean and in good condition. Often an economical cleaning can avoid an expensive paint
job.  Replace all decaying wood.
Gutters are an important part of the overall look of your house.  Make sure they are
clean on the inside and outside.
Decks are an asset if they are in good condition. Before listing your house, have yours
cleaned and sealed.
Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios
These areas represent the gateways to your home. A clean, stain free entrance says
welcome; this house is in great shape. The best way to clean them is to have them properly
power washed.
Don’t forget the curb of curb appeal.  Curbs should be power  washed.                                 
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