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The two major causes of black steaks on your roof are Fungus and Gloeocapsa Magma
Algae.  Fungus and algae both begin their life cycle as airborne spores. The north side of
the roof is usually the first to exhibit staining.  The moisture remains there longer and
creates the ideal environment  for the fungus and algae to grow. They derive their
nutrition  from the organic compound found in the base of the shingle.  Degradation of
this base  results in the premature loss of the protective granules coating your shingles.
What problems are associated with roof mildew?
  • Shorter roof life
  • Unhealthy, allergy-triggering spores
  • Roof absorbs more heat, resulting in higher utility bills
  • Reduced property value
  • Loss of curb appeal

Once I have roof mildew will it go away on its own?
Unfortunately not.  Once established, it will continue to multiply. It is estimated that  2,500
spores are in a line only one inch long.

What is the best way to get rid of roof mildew?
To get rid of roof mildew and the stains it causes, the fungus and algae must be
Yellow Duck Roof Cleaning System eliminates the stain-causing fungus and algae
while gently cleaning your roof. Stains are exterminated using Roof Guard, a proprietary,
biodegradable solution that is applied
without pressure washing or walking all over
roof.  The Yellow Duck Roof Cleaning System features our exclusive landscape
Bio-Safe Clean System and follows the recommendations of the National  
Asphalt  Shingle  Manufactures  Association.

Why is it important to rinse the roof after the cleaner is applied?
You wouldn't think about washing your clothes, dishes or car without properly rinsing
them.  The same applies to your roof.  As part of the
Yellow Duck Roof Cleaning System
we give the roof a gentle rinse. This neutralizes the cleaning solution, flushes off debris,
dead fungus, tree sap and other biological growth. The result is a cleaner roof  that not
only looks great instantly but will dramatically outlast any other cleaning methods.

Additional Yellow Duck Advantages
  • Out performs other types of cleaning methods
  • Trained technicians                        
  • Owners on site
  • Same day results
  • State of the art equipment and solutions
  • Outstanding service
  • Eliminates unsightly stains
  • Exclusive landscape friendly Bio-Safe Clean System
  • Safe and economical
  • Roof will look better and last longer
  • Restores curb appeal and value to your home
  • Not Pressure Washing
  • Cleaned without walking on your roof
Roof Cleaning Before
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Roof Cleaning After
Roof Cleaning Before
Roof Cleaning After
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