Yelow Duck gutter cleaning and leaf guards
Your Raindrop Gutter Guard Experts
Cleaning Your Gutters
Scientifically engineered, Raindrop's
precision details combine to provide
maximum performance in all types of
weather and rainfall amounts.
Clogged Gutters Cause:
Foundation Damage   - Wood Rot
- Landscape Erosion     - Mold Growth
- Insect Infestation         - Brick Damage
Raindrop Gutter Guards Look Great !
It's shadow color
makes the
guard visually
Extreme Durability.
High Tech UV stabilized polypropylene
Rust Proof
Vermin Resistant
Wind Proof
Raindrop's vertical bars with rounded
top surfaces immediately separates
rainwater from debris, directing the
gravity and surface adhesion.

The precision engineered vertical bars  
allow Raindrop to utilize the entire
gutter width for a maximum water
capacity. This stops "sheeting" or
"bypassing" over the gutter, even in
heavy rain.
The undersides of the bars are tapered
creating a capillary action, helping to
suction water through the guard.   
Ingeniously adding to RAINDROP'S
water capacity capabilities while
shedding leaves and debris.
Strongest gutter guard available
Gutter cleaned and leaf guard installed
Gutter guard installed and working
Clogged gutter
Gutter cleaned and leaf guard installed
Get Clean !
Going Green ?
Maximum Water Capacity.
The harder it rains the better
RAINDROP performs
 Raindrop Gutter Guards: TN. Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Bartlett, Arlington, Memphis, Lakeland
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The leaves are all finally down and our new
Raindrop gutter guards have completely
stopped the clogging and overflow problems
we were having.
Brian S.
Cordova, TN.
Winner Memphis Most
Voted  # 1  in the Midsouth
  2011 - 12-13-14-15
You  Can Trust Us to Do The Job Right
Ten years of gutter cleaning
Eliminate Clogged Gutters!
Let us install Raindrop Leaf Guards
Fit On Your Existing Gutters
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